Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2014’

  • Sea Fantasy

    In search of a sailor’s fantasy I hoisted the sail on my clipper ship dory And put out to sea, As I waved  farewell to an old weathered lighthouse, It blessed my voyage with its blinking goodbye. Beyond reef and shoal, the ocean cradled dory leaned long in …

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  • Rage!

    RAGE Rage?! Rage! you say?     The way to face my old age? Well maybe.   Yeah, could be. Yes, that’s it!   The way to face my old age. To “rage against the dying of the light” And a special Kudo to Dylan for the oh so noble …

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  • A Letter Too Late

    It never made sense.  He was bigger than any of us, and just as strong, but we picked on him mercilessly.  Even now, examining it in retrospect, I can’t understand it.  Of course teenagers have that organic angst over being in the nether regions of …

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  • My Blog

    Without pretending or aspiring to being a “writer”, I feel compelled to write of certain experiences I have had or witnessed. Based on the interest of friends and family in these stories, I have decided they are worth sharing and preserving. Further motivation comes from …

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